Shadows and Sounds Of The Night (LP) Vinyl

Jack Davies & the Bush Chooks


‘Shadows and sounds of the night’ is a collection of songs about memory, fear and hope. The title comes from the track “cinnamon pie”, a song about finding optimism, and pie. We wanted to explore different sounds and textures to what we’ve used before, it was a real journey to record and we hope you enjoy it!

Heya friends! Jack here. We’re very sorry for the delay on vinyl shipping dates, unfortunately there’s been a problem which has pushed the printing back. We really appreciate your support and patience whilst we get this sorted. We’ll keep you all updated and get these sent out as fast we can! Thanks again for the support ya lovely bunch!

Track listing:

  1. Penguin 
  2. Inner City Lights
  3. Rusty Blue Car
  4. Fire Eyes
  5. Sunrise
  6. Cinnamon Pie