Anthology CD

James Reyne


“I just feel that I’m getting better,” James Reyne says. “I’m a better singer and a better songwriter.”

It’s a simple statement, but also remarkable – considering that this is an artist who has sold more than two million albums and written some of the most memorable Australian songs of all time.

James Reyne’ssolo material has provided the soundtrack to endless Australian summers, including “Fall Of Rome”, “Hammerhead”, “Motor’s Too Fast” and “Slave” – and of course the ARIA #1 Single with James Blundell – “Way Out West”.

James’ distinctive diction has also attracted attention. Legendary producer Mark Opitz says: “No one else sings like James Reyne. He is unique, and you don’t want to lose that.” While Ed Nimmervoll says it’s a voice “as familiar to us as the taste of Vegemite, as essentially Australian”.

This new Anthology release lovingly compiles 35 selections James Reyne’s 10 solo albums including “Motor City (I Get Lost)” from his Company Of Strangers project. The package features new liner notes from recent interviews with James, alongside unseen photos and complete lyrics.

  1. Fall Of Rome
  2. Hammerhead
  3. Motor’s Too Fast
  4. Always The Way
  5. One More River
  6. House Of Cards
  7. Harvest Moon
  8. Five Miles Closer To The Sun
  9. Wake Up Dead Man
  10. Slave
  11. Any Day Above Ground
  12. Outback Woman
  13. Water Water
  14. Some People
  15. Take A Giant Step
  16. Way Out West
  17. Motor City (Company Of Strangers) CD2
  18. Red Light Avenue
  19. Day In The Sun
  20. It’s Only Natural
  21. Poor Man In The Penthouse
  22. Design For Living
  23. I Don’t Get Out Much Anymore
  24. Little Criminals
  25. Reno
  26. Nothin’s Too Good For My Baby
  27. Reckless (Acoustic)
  28. Bug
  29. The Rainbows Dead End
  30. Sammy And Doofus And Our Man In New York
  31. Superannuated Idol
  32. Stop Draggin’ My Name Around
  33. English Girls
  34. Capsize
  35. Good Clean Fun

This new Anthology release lovingly compiles 35 selections James Reyne's 10 solo albums including

Anthology CD by James Reyne