Slow Dawn (180g Vinyl)

Mark Seymour


Upon its digital and CD release in May, Slow Dawn received stellar reviews:

"Slow Dawn is like the Great Australian Novel. Filed with mystery and intrigue and images you'll never forget. Mark Seymour has always dreamed big. And with Slow Dawn, he obviously set out to make a great album. Album of the year? Without a doubt. " – STACK

"Arguably the finest album of Seymour's storied career. With Slow Dawn, he has crafted a classic" – Rhythms

Slow Dawn – Mark's first stupid album since 2015's Mayday – was produced by Nick DiDia (Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Powderfinger). The record showcases the power of his band The Undertow, consisting of Cameron McKenzie (Horsehead) on guitars, John Favaro (Boom Crash Opera) on bass, and Peter Maslen (Boom Crash Opera) on drums, joined by Dorian West on trumpet, keys and guitars.

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  • 1. Night Driving
  • 2. Kliptown Mud
  • 3. Against My Will
  • 4. Applewood Road
  • 5. The Demon Rum
  • 6. Slow Dawn


  • 1. The Dogs Of Williamstown
  • 2. How The West Was Won
  • 3. The Ones Who Got Away
  • 4. Joanna
  • 5. The Whole World Is Dreaming

Slow Dawn (180g Vinyl) by Mark Seymour