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Brooding Melbourne duo N.Y.C.K. (Dominique Garrard and Nick Acquroff) today reveal details for their highly anticipated debut album Wild Streak which will be released into the world in all its evocative glory on Friday 18 October - available now for pre-order and pre-save.

“Wild Streak is like opening someone’s sketch book. Some days you’re happy. Some days you’re sad. Sometimes you’re numb and alone and some days you’re celebrating wildly. It’s about waking up to yourself and taking responsibility for your own happiness. Becoming yourself again. Basically it’s about the realisation that life is throwing a storm at you either way, so you’re far better off walking steadfast into it.” - N.Y.C.K.

The duo have today unveiled a third gift from Wild Streak with celebratory new single ‘Alive’; another peek inside the duo’s raw yet relatable diary. ‘Alive’ follows singles ‘Wild Streak’ and ‘LXE’, this time lifting triumphantly in mood and tempo. There is a deliberate juxtaposition on ‘Alive’; devastating in its lyricism, elated in it’s musicality. ‘Alive’ is the closing of the band’s last chapter, their debut EP of the same name, and the opening of the journey into Wild Streak.

“Somehow, sometimes, when you think you're going to curl up and die, you find something quite miraculous inside,” explains Nick Acquroff of ‘Alive’. “You fight, you kick back at the world, you tell the world that it can have you for all you care.” The single is accompanied by a breathtaking clip, directed and shot again by Wildebeest who presented the ‘Wild Streak’ video for N.Y.C.K. earlier this year. The narrative intimately follows a young couple’s love, inviting the viewer into their private world, in much the same way as all of N.Y.C.K.’s music.

With production credits boasting Oscar Dawson, Hayden Calinan, Lawrence Greenwood and John Lee, Wild Streak is a profoundly beautiful album; a true musical body of work in every sense. From beginning to end and across all 10 tracks, the listener is taken on a visceral journey into the heart and mind of the songwriter; where a raw honesty burns a hole through each and every surface. Like flicking through the pages of someone’s diary, each listen is a fresh chance to uncover something else.

Wild Streak follows the band’s debut EP Alive, featuring fan favourites ‘Speak My Mind’, ‘Decision’ and ‘This Might Be My Year’. N.Y.C.K. tell stories about the human form, about our proclivity as people to be vicious and beautiful, kind and cold, chaotic and orderly, all at the same time.

  1. Wild Streak
  2. June
  3. Threes
  4. LXE
  5. Alive
  6. All The Birds
  7. Sydney
  8. I'll Be The One
  9. Bleeding Hearts
  10. Face It You're Done
Wild Streak CD by N.Y.C.K.