THE NIGHT LP (Vinyl) Limited Signed

Pete Murray


Recorded in his hometown of Byron Bay, THE NIGHT EP, is inspired by his family and the life experiences that have gotten him to where he is today. It’s a poignant, introspective EP that highlights Pete’s iconic vocals with modern acoustic pop sound and propels Pete further into the iconic easy listening sphere that he’s well-loved for.

THE NIGHT marks Pete’s first experience of co-writing, as Pete recalls “Co-writing was something that I had never done before so I was pretty nervous about it. There are a lot of great writers over in the States and I felt the pressure of not wanting to let anyone down.” Writing in Nashville and LA though clearly paid off and after his first writing session, Pete walked away with the first single from the EP, ‘Found My Place’.


1.              Found My Place 

2.              If We Never Dance Again 

3.              Because Of You 

4.              We’ll Be The Fire  

5.              The Fall Apart 

6.              Waiting For This Love

THE NIGHT LP (Vinyl) Limited Signed by Pete Murray