The Teskey Brothers - HALF MILE HARVEST Digital Download

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Completely self-produced at their own studio in Warrandyte, recorded live to tape and mixed down on an analogue board, on The Teskey Brothers’ debut album Half Mile Harvest, the band were trying to capture the humanity of their recordings, warts and all, making the listener feel as though they are sitting in the room while the band plays around them. Across its 10 tracks, The Teskey Brothers take influence from Otis Redding, JJ Cale and Marvin Gaye, mixing in elements of old Blues and British Invasion rock n roll, even some psychedelia, to create a record that feels completely timeless, transcending eras to deliver something that could have been made now or 50 years ago. It’s no mere pastiche though either. It’s a sound that knows its influences, but The Teskey Brothers have spent enough time playing together to find their own sound and put their distinctive mark on something classic.

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 01. Crying Shame 
02. Pain And Misery 
03. Shiny Moon 
04. Reason Why 
05. Louisa 
06. Til' The Sky Turns Black 
07. Hard Feeling 
08. Honeymoon

The Teskey Brothers - HALF MILE HARVEST Digital Download by Sounds Better Together