Tremolow (Limited Edition 180gm Yellow Vinyl)

The Creases


Limited Edition 180gm Yellow Vinyl Pressing!

The Creases' eagerly anticipated debut album 'Tremolow' follows the release of the much-loved 'Gradient EP' and features the singles "Is It Love" and "Everybody Knows," along with earlier favourites "Impact" and "Point."

'Tremolow' sees the Brisbane band a little older, a tiny bit wiser, undeniably more confident and assured, but no less spontaneous, affable or fun.

Their music has transitioned into something uniquely identifiable: youthful, great-haired indie rock 'n' roll, underpinned by award-winning songwriting.

This limited edition vinyl comes complete with yellow, 180gm record, lyric sleeve and fold-out, double-sided band poster


Answer To
Everybody Knows
Is It Love
At Last You Find
It's Alright
In My Car
Do What U Wanna
Were Young
Something's Gotta Break

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Tremolow (Limited Edition 180gm Yellow Vinyl) by The Creases