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Uluru Statement from the Heart


The Uluru Statement from the Heart, is a message written to the Australian people, from Indigenous Australians.  It is the culmination of more than a decades work and the largest deliberative process with Indigenous people on Australia’s constitution in our nation’s history. Thirteen meetings were held across the country with a final national convention involving hundreds of delegates at our nations physical and spiritual heart, Uluru. 

Almost three hundred people put their signature to this historic statement. The senior women of Uluru then painted the dreamings of that place around the statement to express the ancient connection with our law and our land.


The three themes of the statement are voice, treaty truth.


A voice to parliament to hear the views of Indigenous people when laws and policies re made about them. We want this voice enshrined in the constitution through a referendum. We ask our fellow Australians to vote yes, to ensure the government is required to hear our voices in the parliamentary process.


A process of treaty or agreement making through a Makarrata Commission (a word from the Yolngu matha). This commission would act like the Waitangi Commission in Aotearoa New Zealand in that it would supervise a process of agreement making between governments both local, state and federal.


Finally the statement seeks a process of Truth Telling of our nations history at a local, regional and national level, to be supported through the Makarrata Commission.


The Uluru Statement from the Heart has the support of the major Aboriginal land councils on mainland Australia, including Central Land Council, Northern Land Council, Kimberley Land Council and Cape York Land Council and the NSW Aboriginal land Council.