Violent Femmes Hotel Last Resort CD

Violent Femmes


Violent Femmes are set to release their new LP, HOTEL LAST RESORT. The groundbreaking band’s tenth studio album, HOTEL LAST RESORT resides among Violent Femmes’ finest work, simultaneously refining / redefining their one-of-a-kind take on American music, mingling front porch folk, post-punk, spiritual jazz, country blues, avant-garde improvisation, and golden age rock ‘n’ roll. Founded and fronted by Gano and Ritchie, the group remains as warm, wise and weird as ever before, with new favorites such as Another Chorus and Everlasting You continuing to mine the vast range of ideas, melodic complexity, and organic sonic craftsmanship that has characterized the band’s body of work since their landmark 1983 debut.


  • 1. Another Chorus
  • 2. I Get What I Want
  • 3. I'm Nothing
  • 4. Adam Was A Man
  • 5. Not OK
  • 6. Hotel Last Resort
  • 7. Everlasting You
  • 8. It's All Or Nothing
  • 9. I'm Not Gonna Cry
  • 10. This Free Ride
  • 11. Paris To Sleep
  • 12. Sleepin' At The Meetin'
  • 13. God Bless America
Violent Femmes Hotel Last Resort CD by Violent Femmes