Various Artists - Compass Bros House Concert

Compass Brothers Records


James Blundell                        Portrait Of A Man                  

James Blundell                        Down On The Farm

Talia Wittmann                       Nothing But The Wheel

Talia Wittmann                       I Can Say That Now

Rob Black                               Regular Guy

Rob Black                               We Have Kids

The Sunny Cowgirls               Dancing On The Darling

The Sunny Cowgirls               Old Silo

The Sunny Cowgirls               Someday (duet with Adam Brand)

Peter Denahy                          Granny's Bric A Brac

Peter Denahy                          Petrol Head Fly

Peter Denahy                          Sort Of Dunno Nothin'

Kirsty Lee Akers                     She Ain't Getting Any

Kirsty Lee Akers                     The Territory

Kirsty Lee Akers                     I Dream He Dreams Of Me

Adam Brand                            Blame It On Eve

Adam Brand                            Wasted Day

Adam Brand                            Get on Down The Road

Various Artists - Compass Bros House Concert by Compass Brothers Records