The Teskey Brothers with Orchestra Victoria - Live at Hamer Hall CD

The Teskey Brothers


Rounding out the year is a not-to-be-missed special release, 'Live At Hamer Hall' by The Teskey Brothers, whose songs were spectacularly reimagined by arranger Jamie Messenger and performed live onstage at Hamer Hall with Orchestra Victoria in December 2020 (led by conductor Nicholas Buc).

The 50-minute performance features hits from the band’s two critically acclaimed albums Run Home Slow (2019) and Half Mile Harvest (2017), alongside two original Teskey Brothers Christmas songs, ‘Dreaming Of A Christmas With You’ and ‘Highway Home For Christmas’.

Track Listing

  1. Let Me Let You Down 
  2. Carry You 
  3. Say You’ll Do 
  4. I Get Up 
  5. Rain 
  6. San Francisco 
  7. So Caught Up 
  8. Dreaming Of A Christmas With You 
  9. Highway Home For Christmas 
  10. Paint My Heart 
  11. Hold Me